NesiaPaladin Delta v0.4
Ainol Novo7 Paladin Performance & Minimal Custom Rom

Try this, my own made custom rom, for you who prefer performance and minimalistic X)
And yeah, try it at your own risk, hehehe 

For more information visit previous version thread NesiaPaladin Old Version Archive

Release v0.4
NesiaPaladin development has come to its limit.
We cant get any more performance improvement without using a custom kernel.
And right now im still studying about how to build our own custom kernel.
Honestly it is hard with paladin situation: no official kernel sources, minimal documentation, alien architecture, no support, etc…
Wish me luck so we can move up one level and breakthrough this current limit.

If you dont mind, maybe you can buy me snack 
so i can stay alive while developing this custom rom ^^

Installation Step
1. Make sure you have CWM recovery installed
2. This rom will wipe your data and cache at installation! Backup your important data first!
3. Go to recovery mode and backup your working rom first
4. Then, install NesiaPaladin from CWM, dont forget to disable signature check
5. Prepare your snack, wait for around 20 minutes for first install
6. After everything has become smooth, and you see ugly NovaLauncher follow the notes below!
7. If you feel laggy at first use after installation, try restarting your paladin 
8. If you found bugs, please post it here, i will try to maintain it ^_^

# Dont forget to restore NovaLauncher’s data from TitaniumBackup
— The backup data has already included & prepared
— Unfortunately, still you must restore it manually
— Open up TitaniumBackup -> Backup/Restore -> Nova Launcher 1.2.2 -> Restore

# Dont forget to always open up Magic Code at device start, then let it stays as a backgroud process
# Dont forget to change your localization, the default value is en-ID (Greet from Indonesia XD)
# Dont forget to change your time zone, the default value is Asia/Bangkok (GMT+7)

Installed APK
# Aptoide v2.70
# Aptoide Repos v0.9.8.5
# Flash Player v11.1
# Magic Code v1.5.1
# Nova Launcher Prime v1.2.2
# Root Explorer v2.20
# Terminal Emulator v1.0.44
# Titanium Backup v5.4.1.1

New Features
# Pre-tweaked with custom init.d scripts based on SuperchargerV6 & TweakZV6
— Thx to zeppelinrox & st@matis
# Added 256MB Zram
# Improved I/O Performance : ext4 journaling removed, changed I/O scheduler to tweaked deadline
# Improved memory management (superchargerV6)
# Tweaked screen sensitivity value, hope it helps with phantom touch
# Improved Sqlite performance (tweakzv6)
# Applied darky’s zipalign
# Fixed updater-script not flashing xboot (now your device really OC’ed at 1.2GHz)
# Replaced the default launcher with Nova Launcher Prime
# Small size only 134.66MB

Main Features
# Clean from all chinese apk
# No baidu input – reverted to Latin input
# English default language
# Annoying chinese CD iso removed
# Pre-Rooted & Pre-flashed with CWM Recovery
# Fixed busybox to use with Magic Code (Thx to the-razer @xdadevelopers)
# Overclocked at 1.2GHz (Thx to Daemonium @tabletrepublic)
# Ad-Free hosts file (Thx to nickmcminn60 @xdadevelopers)
# Battery 99% bug fix (Based on Stock 2806)
# EXT4 tweaks – More performance (Thx to pinkflozd @tabletrepublic)
# Build.prop tweaks – Performance tuning, Battery & WiFi optimization, Feel the difference 😛
# Google Calendar Sync Fixed
# Auto wipe old /data & /cache
# Replaced services.jar OutOfMemory Priority (Thx to zeppelinrox @xdadevelopers)
# Proper dalvik turbo
# Busybox symlinked to work with LuckyPatcher, & some optimization script like V6SuperCharger, etc.
# Support init.d script (stock kernel)

Custom Furnishing
# Changed default launcher to Nova Launcher Prime v1.2.2
# Changed wallpaper to something that will not hurt your precious eye
# Changed bootanimation : “Android Particle” :] (thx to

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